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Dead Sea


8:30 pm

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Finally, after almost a year of searching for the solution to my condition, I came onto the Madzoka practice, which through quantum therapy greatly improved my physical and emotional condition. The pain has decreased considerably without requiring pharmacological or medical treatment, or some other type of therapy.


The experience through quantum is incomparable with other types of therapy, since the dynamics are completely different, resulting in the recovery of the mobility of my body as well as a state of mind that allows me to return to my daily activities.

Dead Sea


9:30 pm

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It was one of the best things that happened to me this year.


From my first session, I was able to sleep like never before, and I stopped biting myself at night. It started with a guided relaxation, a session that has managed to put my body in balance, eliminating anxiety habits such as overeating due to stress and has quenched that fear of being alone, stopped smoking as I really don´t feel like it at all to the point that now it even grosses me out a little. The need to drink alcohol and be unconscious has ceased. Now I enjoy a drink much more without having to take it to the extreme.


I was shocked, I had never had an experience of such happiness, a feeling of cleanliness to my soul, which washed away all my stress, my fear and my anxiety. I have stopped stress eating, I wake up and feel more confident and fearless.

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